Past Life Regression Therapy

Deep in the subconscious lie the source of our recurrent problems. Much can be known, experienced and healed when we enter an altered state of trance and relive our past lives to relieve us from our present life difficulties.

Past life therapy helps relieve physical, emotional, relationship and spiritual blocks which may be making your life miserable.

The past life memories arise and once decoded their toxic energy gets released. This is how healing occurs. Read the testimonials and learn more.

Psychotherapeutic Techniques:

Neuro- Linguistic Program ( NLP)
Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP as it is called is an important psychotherapeutic tool for creating change in the nervous system. We experience the world through our five senses. We also have the sense of intuition and the seventh sense of knowing. Language is aids the information processing and its representation is mirrored in the neural system where it is coded, ordered and given meaning. NLP reorganizes our language and neurological systems to achieve specific desired goals and results. My experience with NLP has been over the last year and I have found I to be beneficial with children who have fears and obsessions, patients with complains of tics, generalized anxiety and relationship difficulties. Recently it worked wonders with a young woman who had resigned from her job as she was being ridiculed and could not come to terms with it. NLP techniques were useful and she felt much better after just two sessions.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing ( EMDR)
EMDR is another technique which I use and have had good results. This is a relatively recent psychotherapeutic modality and has shown promising results with phobias and obsessions in children, adjustment problems, anxiety, OCD, depression and post- traumatic syndrome. It uses eye movements or tapping to release the pent up sensations and images that the mind has stored. It begins to allow the mind to trace or float back in time and resolve and integrate the memories that have been causing the problem. Resource stabilization and installation of the new template to create the change is done. A recent case of a 10 year old who had seen the body of his neighbor hanging was brought to me. The child was suffering from sleepless nights and crying bouts. He was complaining that he was constantly feeling sad and feared that his parents would do the same. He insisted that the picture was not going away.

Through EMDR his trauma was reduced and after a one hour session his specific unit of disturbance ( SUD) reduced to 1 from 10. He developed a positive cognition that the world is not as unsafe as he thought. The image also reduced in color and intensity and after combining it with NLP the image completely erased and he felt free.

The Journey Healing Processing
As a certified Journey Facilitator I have understood that the body has an innate power of healing and if harnessed with the right attitude and intention much can be achived. The technique is simple and does not need a very elaborate induction procedure. The method is open and direct. I use the technique at times along with my past life practice too.

Spiritual Numerology

The numbers 1-9 have within it the cosmic script of all of us. There are nine planets and astrologically they affect our behavior, emotions and future. The numbers also reflect the planets and their play.

Your birthday and name also can be reduced to a single number and your life destiny and personality can be seen to come alive. The great mathematician Pythogorus had devised a system where an entire life script can be designed so that your future can be altered.

I personally look at the system as an exercise of the free will that God has given us.
Do learn the system or get a personal reading done.

Intuitive Tarot/Angel Card Readings

The ability of human beings to connect to a divine space and get guided by the ancient wisdom that has always existed since time immemorial is offered through Tarot and Angel Card Readings.

Tarot symbols have a divine hidden code and the reader guides you through making it visible and allowing you to clear the past karmas and encourage a path which could make your future blissful. I have known Tarot to guide estranged couples, wayward teenagers and spiritual seekers with insightful support.

The angels guide us to release resentment and anger as an avenue to peace. Most of us have experienced pain in our relationships with family, friends and lovers. The angels ensure that this pain doesn’t ruin our future health and happiness.

Tarot and Angel Readings has made many believe in their divine self.

Transactional Analysis Foundation Course (Certified by Indian Council of Transactional Analysis. ICTA)

Transactional Analysis is fascinating tool which is used for personal growth and personal change. It is used for individual, group and family counselling. TA as it is popularly called uses the Ego State Model to help understand the internal dialogues that a person responds to. The ability to identify unhealthy transactions can help in altering ones communication. The identification of Games that People Play can help in re-writing one’s Life Script.

The therapy is dynamic and interactive between people who are engaged in it and can help people stay away from playing third degree games which can land them in the court-room, morgue or prison.

TA is a modern tool of change and can be learnt as a personal guidance tracking technique by all.

Ancestral Spirit Release Therapy and Systemic Family Constellation:

This is an alternative therapeutic method which draws on the elements of family systems therapy, existential phenomenology and Zulu attitudes to family. In a single session a Family Constellation attempts to reveal a previously unrecognized systemic dynamic that spans multiple generations in a given family and to resolve the deleterious effects of that dynamic by encouraging the subject to encounter representatives of the past and accept the factual reality of the past.
The group and individual constellations can bring much relief to the person.

Sunita is married for twenty -five years. She has two daughters old enough to leave the nest. She called to say, “ I am married and having an affair with my brother-in -law for the equal amount of time I have been married.” I told her, “ Does this mean you are married to two brothers at the same time.” Such relationships are karmically entangled and need to be unknotted so that the effect of it does not penetrate further into the next generations. As parents our duty is to raise our consciousness to a level that understands the consequences of our actions. There are many who take shelter of “ destiny” for such occurrences and forget the gift of “ free will.”
Let’s take another example from Bert Hellinger the father of Family Constellations, from where I have developed Ancestral Spirit Release Therapy ( ASRT).

The Grandfather had affairs. The Grandmother sulked and put up with it. In their day, divorce was shameful. Besides Grandfather had a certain position in society, and Grandmother would lose it if she left him. But in her heart, she was furious with him, and with men. Her grand-daughter cannot keep a relationship going. She quickly becomes aggressive and angry toward her partners. She is ENTANGLED in her grandmothers anger and acts it out against all men.

The effect of what our grandparents do is not over. The granddaughter is showing “SOLIDARITY” with the grandmother. She is saying, “ I agree, Granny, all men are to be rejected.” Does this anger belong to the grand-daughter or is is displaced anger from the grandmother? Is the grand-daughter bearing the cross unknowingly and will she in turn give it to her daughter. This is how the ancestral energy spreads from one progeny to another. This is what you may call the “ ORIGINAL SIN” which family members transfer to another.

Look around in your family. If there are young people suffering or bearing the cross of the older generations sins, it’s time to work with it and free them from the family दोष।
If you have put things under the carpet, it’s time to dust it. I will soon hold the ASRT workshop and dates will be announced here.