Testimonials of Individuals

The journey of a Soul, is what I’d fondly call it. The one week long past life therapist training program has truly been a wonderful experience. It not just helped understand different facets of life but also helped unfold the mysteries of my own life. An amazing learning experience, and even wonderful to see it practically happen. It has rightly been a life changing experience.
– Kumar Devesh

The eight days that we spent in the workshop has been a life changing experience for me. There are many teachers and mentors you come across who are exceptional in their art and excellent orators. And then there are some who in their own way are living the experience naturally. Such fine tuning to the universe and deep understanding of what they do... is what you see in Trupti ma'm's workshop. I have attended 2 and the only draw was her persona which has been honed by an extremely in-depth understanding and knowledge. The workshop was filled with insights and numerous learning. The material that was shared helps one to deepen the knowledge of PLR and psychology. Ma'm's sincerity of truly helping people shines through everything... and the beauty of it all is her awareness that this is transient and she doesn't take idolizing her too seriously. Trupti ma'm never let's us 'take it easy' .... yet she has helped me understand the balance of having fun and working hard! ?? It has only been a few days past but I see changes in my life... I am attracting money from all directions?? - which was a major issue earlier. I am more confident about my abilities and desire to grow in the material world. There is a change in my energy and how I am approaching different facets of life. Thank you so much Trupti ma'm.... I will continue to learn from you. You are a mentor, guide and friend, uniquely found.
– Bhavana Dalmiya

Dr.Trupti jayin is a remarkable healer...no words to express my feelings ma'am that how you help me to come out from my tough times in life.As i done my session with ma'am i got answers of my many questions,and after that i felt so many changes in me like now i m relaxed, quiet. Ma'am gave me a new insight towards life...thanx a lot ma'am for every thing.I love you.
– Akash

Dr.Trupti is like an Angel sent to me by God. She is Positive, Practical, a great friend, cool and always smiling person. She is always there when you need her ( She is the only Dr. who stood by me 24x7 and till date). She is a family member to me.

The PAST LIFE Therapy was introduced to me by her. As an individual I never believed in reincarnation. But I was open to it coz I wanted to survive my life. Each regression session showed up the changes in my behaviour and I started to understand, why am I here, in this situation, with this set of people? What is the purpose of my life? Each session I had, I remember it very vividly. One can access any information from past through regression session. I tried doing the past life session own my own and I could do it. The fear of death and loosing the people I love has gone because I know I am going to meet them in my next physical life and will accomplish what I want to do.
– Sukesha

My father seems to be indifferent. After a lot persuasion she does not agree so I announce my decision to marry him in without her blessings to which he disagrees and says the marriage would not be possible if our parents are unhappy. He left and I stood there crying.i could physically feel the sadess. I could feels the tears on my cheeks in that room lying on that bed I could feel the pain I cant explain how. Next I know that I married to someone . His name is David I know him too in this life. He is a nice man ,loves me a lot. I also think that he knows about my previous relationship. But he is fine. I can see a lot of love in his eyes but a little sadness too, as he is always searching for some reciprocation but I m too lost . I m carrying on just cause I have to . I m still moaning ,still sad and David can feel it. We have a daughter too, her name is Anna. I know her too. She is a very close friend in this life. As a woman I have everything , but... I feel empty. Next is that I m lying on my death bed I m 64 years old. My daughter is on one side of me and my husband on the other. Writing this I can feel it ,still .... the gratefulness I felt towards him .... I had lived n entire life without feeling for him and he never complained. He was just there, loving me . I could see all this rolling in front of my eyes but unfortunately I coud not do any thing . I dint love him but felt so much gratitude. my last words to him were - thanks for loving me so much, I wish I could too... After this Dr Trupti asked me to journey back n took me to a place where I could see the entire life flow in front of me. she asked me to change any thing that hurt me or upset me which I did.after which I came back.The connections I could make sorted out so many things for me which I had no clue as to why they were the way they were.Anyways wanted to share this great experience with many others there , never know who it might help.
– Narayanie R Shastri

I underwent a regression session last year. it helped me clear my mind about a few things,one of which was a constant fascination for the ocean, but at the same time it also raised a fear when I would see it at night. but now I have made my peace with it and am a lot more relaxed..
– Manjari

My PL sessions were a unique experience and great eye opener for me it is then that I was able to get to the source of my OCD. The source of my OCD was traced back to a couple of my past lives. In one of those life times I was a Monk in a Chinese Monastery and had committed suicide prematurely as a punishment for having committed the sin of adultery with a married lady being a Monk. There was the source of me doing compulsive acts which were ritualistic in nature to overcome the obnoxious sexual thoughts which used to occur to me and the thought that I would be relieved of these thoughts if I performed the ritualistic actions of washing my hands and legs a certain # of times like three times to appease the trinity of Hindu Gods (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva), Nine times to appease the Nine planets worshipped as Gods according to the Hindu Religion. In a subsequent PL session I discovered that I was a King who had been very righteous, just, upright, religious and ritualistic. In this life time I had actually renounced my kingdom and a life of luxury and comfort to the life of a ascetic, after having ruled the kingdom justly and righteously through my productive years.
Subsequent to PLT sessions and some follow up exercises suggested by Dr. Jain my life has started looking upbeat even the minor compulsions that were reminiscent have disappeared and Now I am contemplating being free of the maintenance dosage medicine a lead a happy and successful drug free life. She is also helping me to a great extent in resurrecting my personal life also from depression to happiness to a possibility of getting all that I ever wanted to manifest in reality.
So I would recommend PLT as a great Tool to anyone suffering from any kind of Psycho-somatic disorders and also for people who are going through a rough patch in life and want a way out from the miseries and lead a happy, contented and successful life they love.
– Naganand

Dear Mam,
Thank you so much. It was a great experience doing past life regression therapy with you. When I came I had many doubts and questions about certain things in my current life which were answered through the session. Not only were they answered, but it also helped me understand many deeper issues which otherwise would have never surfaced. Also after the session I am able to cope with those issues too. Now I know where they are coming from. It has also given me a better understanding of relationships.

Through the session I have also learnt and realized that each of us carries several emotions, ideas, basic natures which are a result of our previous lives and which is affecting us in some ways in our current lives. May be positively but more than not negatively. This could hamper our future lives too.

Simply saying this session has cleared the cobwebs of my mind opened it to a new perspective in life. Once again thank you for your valuable guidance.
– Dr Vandana Mehta

Dear Dr Trupti, Yes the session with you for me and my daughter was so beneficial that it has got rid of the fear of heights, wind and animals completely. This has made both of us feel fresher, lighter and realize the true potential for being in this life.
– Sareeta Sule

Dear Dr Trupti,
I wanted to drop you a quick note to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your time, kindness and divine love whilst her in London and especially for the opportunity for the 1-2-1 session with you.
How do I feel today, one day after the session....? Well, I don't feel hugely different in who I am and what I am but the big thing is that I don't hate my husband anymore. I hated him so much before and hate is such a terrible thing. It can destroy an individual and make him or her very ill. And I could see I was heading down that road. My health suffered. My state of mind was not good either. But now I make working from a better place mentally and hence physically. My colleagues in the office say just in one day they can see my eyes are different!!!!!!!!!
We are still going through the divorce process. It is still 'messy' - but I hope it will be easier.
I am asking myself the questions I need to ask and answer honestly. I hope he too does the same and learns something. After all, as you said, "We are only here to learn."
Once again a huge thanks. I wish you and the team success with Series 3. And I would love to stay in touch, I know and appreciate you do have a very busy life!
I am exploring the subject of Metaphysics in more detail....
With much love.
– Ranjit Thandi

Dear Dr Trupti, wow! What a day I had, 14th Dec 2010 in the afternoon session. After almost eight years of being a mediators with the Brahma Kumaris from 1998 and then leaving in 2006 to carry on with my life I was absolutely amazed that all those people were able to regress into their past lives with just one session of meditation? I had a beautiful vision which made me feel that it is going to take me to the purpose of my life. I thank you for the session and hope to continue on the path of spiritual healing.
– Alpa Joshi