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With every breath I die only to breathe again With every life I die only to live again ‘

Namaste Soul Mates,
You have reached the right destination. All of you who have been searching for some deeper answers to life and the mystery of death have reached a space where answers will become visible to you in the various pages that you are going to click.

Life is beautiful filled with some of the most wondrous experiences but most of the time you miss it. Many times the answer is in front of you but you mislead yourselves due to your doubting and distrustful nature. You continue to look outwards for answers or rely on the logical conclusions of the experience of others. Sure much of your common problems could be solved but it may still not make you happy. You may achieve status, wealth and a post- graduate degree, a prestigious club membership and a trophy spouse, kids studying in the best schools and a Saturday Night Out but still as you sleep in your bed you have this feeling that nothing seems to be going right.

Why know the Past?
The time has come to develop deeper insight into your inner turmoil. This is possible by looking within your personal intimate space where only you can dwell. They say if you have to learn swimming you will have to dive into the fear, that’s true for also finding your-self. You will have to dive into your sacred space and this is done through understanding your many karmic lifetimes that have been lived on this planet or other dimensions.

Past Life Therapy can give you a fascinating journey through your multiple lives and allow you to embrace the various different personas that have been experienced by you. Karma is nothing but an anthology that the soul assembles and then decides to learn from it which stretches into a multi dimensional adventure through centuries living in different places, donning various costumes and going for a Halloween Party.

The soul manifestations follow a pattern and once you understand the patterns much is revealed and resolved.

LBL – Unraveling the Truth Within
Entering a Life Between Life stage reflects another mystical dimension where the presence of guides and angels, wise ones and body selection is deciphered. Many who do a session of LBL leave behind their uncertainty and misgivings and embrace their Sat- the Eternal Truth.

My work is a prayer for all to heal and open to the ultimate divine presence that lives in us all.

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